Celestin Navala   e-mail: navalacelestin@yahoo.com

Hommage à Vincent Van Gogh

  Oil    38 x 26

Born in Romania in 1971, he moved to Montreal in 2004.
It is here, in Montreal, where he discovers the sketches of the great impressionist and portraitist painter, the American John Singer Sargent. And the beginnings of his passion for art.

The artist Celestine Navala studied contemporary art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Montreal workshops.

His artistic approach is very influenced by reflection, openness and listening to the inner sensitivity.

His web site  : www.celestinart.ca

Rue de Tenerife
Oil  32 x 17

Le joueur d'echecs
  Oil  18 x 16

Hommage à Leonard Cohen
  Oil  36 x 24