History of the Saint-Laurent Artists’ Association

In 1992, a well-known and respected artist of national and international recognition, Mr. Joe Howard, laid the foundation for the Saint-Laurent Artists’ Association. In February 1994, the Association received accreditation from the city of Saint-Laurent and became a new viable entity in the field of visual arts in the city under the auspices of the city’s service: Loisirs et development communautaire. In March 1995, the Association became incorporated.

Today, the Association is proud to have a membership of 47 artists of which many are members of other well-known art associations. An elected Administration Council of 7 members organizes various activities and exhibits throughout the year for the Association.

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Our Goals

The goals of this non-profit organization are to promote, stimulate and encourage the artistic spirit in each of its members. The Association helps provide to its members the opportunity to exhibit, to promote and sell their works of art. Its constant goal is to strive for the betterment of the artist.