DANIELA MUSET   e-mail: danamuset@yahoo.com

I paint since I was a little, since the age of 3. Indeed it is from that age that I remember any of my drawings. It was quite another reality where I escaped to find myself, the child who loved to dream. The watercolor paintings that hung on the exhibition panels, a small art gallery at my school, always gave me a wink : '' This is another you '' I thought, passing in front of them. At that time, I did not understand how a piece paper, full of water and colors all mixed together, could create enthusiasm and passion ! As I reached maturity, at Art School I learned drawing techniques and how to work with colors, but I never renounced, in my work, at the spontaneity acquired in childhood. For me, art is another way to express yourself other than words, richer than words! Paint helped me better adapt to my adopted country Canada, offered opportunities that I had never dreamed and especially gave me the opportunity to meet extraordinary people! The painting to the artist opens a door to universality, his art is perpetual. As Leonardo Da Vinci said art is ''never finished, only abandoned''.

Between sky and sea
  oil on canvas 30 x 40

Sun on the hils
  Oil on canvas30 x 40

Tears from the sky
  Acrylic on canvas 36 x 48