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Le blanc pleureur au gel perle de verre
Mixt on wood
20 x 16
The painter of light.
            Passionate man by the colors, I paint since always in the present moment.
The courses and workshops that I followed led me to a pleasure to paint with the shapes and colors that surround us. I started with figurative art, then an essay in abstract, then stained glass painting and then a research on trees. My portfolio are the colors of my soul that I see, that I imagine, the colors of the soul of a tree, a landscape etc ...
            The trees are what fascinates me the most, with their different shapes and colors according to the seasons. I developed a personal and unique technique, to create shapes and colors to my trees. My trees are my signature. I have been painting a series on trees for seven years.
             I still paint the figurative on large and small formats acrylic or mixed very colorful and full of light, It represents my vision of landscapes pleasant and alive.
              Each painting has for me a story with its challenge.

Halte d'automne au marais
Acrylic on canvas 24 x 24

Splendeur dans les Laurentides
Acrylic by knife 18 x 36

Bonjour aux iles
Acrylic on canvas 10 x 10