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Oil 30”H x 16”W
Having always delighted in discerning those features of my environment which make it particularly attractive to me, I gravitated toward design. For as long as I can remember, have been busy depicting my world as I see it, progressing from drawing as a young child to caricatures and cartooning during my school years, then to a hobby in figurative and abstract experimentation in acrylics as a hobby during my engineering career and eventually to my “second career” in oil painting. Although mainly self-taught, I have also benefited from fine art courses and numerous workshops.

Painting alongside artist colleagues, I strive to continually refine my skills in observing and interpreting the varied subjects which I choose.
While I feel more expressive painting natural landscapes, I enjoy capturing urban scenes with impact because this requires a range of perception that exceeds the traditional limits of composition, shape, light and color. My works are in collections across Canada, in the U.S.A., Europe and Australia.

Rang Tremblay
Oil 16”H x 24”W

Port Clyde
Oil 28”H x 22”W

Playing for Money
Oil 18”H x 24”W