Tatiana Sragar   e-mail: sragar@videotron.ca

Drops - Oil - 14 x 11in

I was drawing and painting from my early age. During my teen years I took drawing and graphic courses in order to get accepted to the National Institute of Architecture in Bucharest, Romania.
However, I did not follow this professional path acquiring instead a master in computer sciences. And I continued pursuing my passion for painting in my spare time.
I experimented on different media (watercolor, pencil, ink and oil) on paper, cardboard, glass, Plexiglas and canvas.
I paint in a strong impressionism style, with strong graphic touches of the earlier studies. I love reviving on canvas the bits of natural beauty, trees and flowers, but also people and emotions.
My paintings found their homes in Romania, Unites States and Canada.

Web site : http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/tatiana-sragar