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Oil H 20'' x W 16''
I studied in Les Arts plastiques (Fine Arts). 

After raising two children, I got back into oil painting. 
I have exposed in several group, duo and solo art exhibitions and shown in local galleries such as Galerie de la Ville, Gallery Sinfonia di Colori, Galerie de l’ouest, etc.,…

I have participed in several art workshops here and abroad;  ‘plein air’ painting as I travel to different countries is one of my favorite activities. 

I belong to the St-Laurent Artists’ Association since 1995.  My current teacher is Master Chui Wang.  In the past, I have worked with artists Georges Dedoyard, Carole Bonneau, Max Steibel, etc.,…

Quatre petits
     Oil H 12'' x W 24''

White on White
Oil H 16'' x W 20''

Tea Time
Oil H 20'' x W 16''