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Denise Roy

I have always been interested in the visual arts.  In CEGEP, I studied in Les Arts plastiques (Fine Arts). 
After raising two children, I got back into painting.  I have shown my work in several group, duo and solo art exhibitions as well as in local galleries such as Galerie de la Ville, Gallery Sinfonia di Colori, Galerie de l’ouest, l'Entrepot in Lachine, etc.,…
I have participed in several art workshops here and abroad;  ‘plein air’ painting as I travel to different countries is one of my favorite activities.
I belong to the St-Laurent Artists’ Association since 1995.
Over the years, I have worked with artists/teachers Master Chui Wang, Georges Dedoyard, Yves Larocque, Carole Bonneau, Ghulam Mustafa, Raynald Murphy and Max Steibel.

  Oil H 11'' x L 14''

  Oil  H 16'' x L 12"

Black-eyed susans
  Oil  H 14'' x L 11''