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Oil on canvas  24" x 18"

Throughout her life, Nadia Mytnik-Frantova has touched upon a variety of art forms including painting, music, theatre,cinema and animation.

She received her art training in the Russian cultural tradition from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts.

Since graduating, she has worked as a book illustrator, graphic designer, and a painter, taking part in several domestic and international
exhibitions. Her fascination with film and animation led her to The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema (Concordia) and to the Film Animation program, which she successfully finished at 2011.

Through her art practice, she has often sought to explore the interrelationships between different forms of art and how one can inspire the other.

Oil on canvas  24" x 18"

Amherst Island
Oil on canvas  10" x 12"

Oil on canvas  24" x 18"