Demo "Oil Painting" by Nathalie Frenière

Très belle technique et très belle présentation.
Valeria Gruia

Nathalie Frenière introduced us to an interesting conference on her oil technique to create paintings with vaporous effects. 

Her technique consists of applying, with the spatula from the top right corner of the canvas, thin layers of oil, without any additive or diluents (she uses Van Gogh). Work is very laborious as she is applying "wet-on-wet" oil, so it takes hours to cover the canvas in full. However her technique allows Nathalie greater creative freedom, because she does not begin a canvas with a predefined idea, and develops her work as the imaging unveils from the previous strokes.

Because of this process, and also because of the many questions to which she responded in much detail, the canvas demo (you see in the photos the initial stages) could not be finished in the 3 hours allocated to the session, but we hope to have a picture of this painting  when finished.

We appreciate the time Nathalie spent with us and we wish her the best for her creation efforts and greatest success!

A very interesting demo, great inspiration, creativity and technique. My suggestion is that, members should respect the presenters concentration while the demo is in progress, and wait till the end to comment and or add their experience on materials, and knowledge on this technique. In other words, I personally would want to have seen some progress on her demo.
Georgia Priniotakis

Mme Nathalie Frenière a présenté une approche joyeusement équilibrée combinant l'inspiration de la créativité pure et la maîtrise de la réalisation à l'huile à partir d'éléments fondamentaux : quelques tons de couleurs primaires et une spatule! Le résultat est tout à fait fascinant.
Marcel Daoust