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Éclats de rose
Watercolor 15 x 11

Movement and light are the main elements in my watercolour paintings, often filled with memories and impressions of the moment. My life is shared between the city and the countryside, therefore both inspire subjects, colours and contrasts. Since 2011, I have learned from the teaching and advice from engaged and dedicated artists like Sandra Grégoire, Raynald Murphy, Nicole Proulx, Valérie Gruia and Roland Palmaerts. Mention: 1st prize in the Watercolour category, adult amateur, in the 2013 Art Contest organized by the borough of PierrefondsRoxboro, with "Turmoil at PointeBasse."

Fleurs du jardin
Watercolor 22 x 15

Les pieds dans l'eau
Watercolor 18 x 18

Grands arbres dans le parc
Watercolor 22 x 15