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Québec à l'aube
Watercolor  (12" x 9")

I started painting when I was a child. Since then, my passion for art inspired me to pursue studies at the Académie libanaise des beaux-arts where I graduated from the School of Decorative Arts, Interior Architecture Section. I practiced interior architecture for almost 2 decades.
I then took watercolor classes for many years with outstanding professional artists, and I continued painting with a particular interest in attention to detail.
My background in design and architecture gave me the ability to see the beauty of the world with a different eye. I like to paint nature and waterfront scenes where I am fascinated by the reflections on water, as much as urban scenes, where three dimensional and perspective drawing hold no secrets for me.

Watercolor (11" x  14")

Visite dans le jardin
  Watercolor  (11" x  15")

  Watercolor (11" x  14")