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Mixed media (48 x 36in)

Painter, architect and art teacher, winner of the Saint-Simeon competition and ranked first in her Masters' degree of Visual Arts at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts in 2015.

Lina was born in Syria where she lived most of her life. As a result of the war crisis, she fled to Lebanon with her family before immigrating to Canada in the fall of 2018.

Lina has been painting since childhood, the long walks with her father through the fields and forests around Aleppo and her love for nature inspired her first paintings.

Her canavas painted in consecutive layers are constantly evolving: with great gestures, she may splashes the colours, drips or scrapes them.
For her, each of her works is a part of herself, a chapter of her fragmented history. Painting is a therapy to rebuild life and hope of a new land.

  Mixed media (36 x 60in)

La terre nouvelle
Mixed media (36 x 48in)

Mixed media (38 x 60in)